Saturday, 10 March 2012

Zombie Frog Hip Hop Routine

復活!カエルゾンビ水中バレエ!Reanimation!Underwater Zombie frog ballet! from LuYang on Vimeo.


  1. As an ex-lab researcher who had a Home Office licence for animal work I find this shocking. This is the sort of crap that animal rights advocates would pounce on as "Frankenstein science" or pointless vivisection and to be honest I'd side with their point of view on this occasion. As "hilarious" as it might be to some people, it looks like a bunch of frogs were killed and hooked up to some electronics for a cheap laugh/fun.

    Before anyone asks, no I am not a veggie animal-rights nut. I just don't believe that this is appropriate when people receive death-threats over much more worthwhile research.

    Nice blog by the way, and good luck in the move to GW.

    1. I should have watched to the end for the disclaimer. Doh! Please delete if you want.