Monday, 19 March 2012

Miniature bonsai treehouses by Takanori Aiba

Takanori Aiba has the world's best job title, it being 'Architect and Maze illustrator'. No only that, he's decided to combine his two loves in one holistic and miniature form: tiny bonsai tree houses. These microscopic wonders are made from card, plastic and other modelling materials. The landscapes and buildings elegantly wrap themselves around real bonsai trees.

This is a clever conceit. The trees are, of course, real living entities. They just happen to be miniature. The structure are, however, unreal. They are artificial man-made approximations of things which are far larger in life. The two are bound together by the shared aesthetic of Japanese fantasy and the results are quite startling.

Check out his awesome flickr photo stream here.

Via Toybot Studios

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  1. These are absolutely wonderful! I love the organic way the structures are built up. Too often you see these sorts of things where the artist completely imposes an artificial order on things, but Aiba's are so elegant flowing. Thanks for sharing!