Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dungeon crawling in Derbyshire

I spent a lovely few days with my friends in Matlock in the Peak District overt the summer. During my stay we visited Matlock Bath Spa. This is a Victorian 'inland resort' - a sort of retreat. It is famed for its rugged scenery which Byron likened to Alpine Switzerland. Part of the location's popularity stems from  a hot spring with allegedly medicinal qualities. The minerals in the water petrify anything they submerge. Visitors to the (very entertaining) aquarium are able to see a 'grotto' of these strange objects. These weird artifacts (and a series of subterranean tunnels) are separated from the viewer by a barrier. I just wanted to clamber over it and hunt about for treasure and magical weapons.

Sources: Wikipedia and The Andrews Page.


  1. Whoa, check out that wagon wheel! Cool.

  2. What a wonderful life you lead!

  3. dad worked at the hydro in matlock when he was 14 just before the war - it was a very posh spa hotel but had a very brutal regime behind the scenes .....