Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Colour typewriter by Tyree Callahan

Tyree Callahan has made this awesome typewriter mod. The traditional letter stamps have been replaced by sponges impregnated with ink, so they form beautiful images akin to the work of the Impressionists. The Shift key functions too, altering the intensity of the colour you choose.

Reading the blog post, I think this is a non-working concept, but it's awesome nonetheless! This is the kind of off-beat technology-hack that I love.

Via aesthetics of joy


  1. If Twilight was written on this typewriter it'd be better...

  2. If Twilight was never written it would have been better. :P

    That typewriter is fantastic. One I day will be that creative - probably not, but I'll pretend regardless.

  3. Oh, how I could've used this thing back in the art school days, but no, I had to spend money on an airbrush....