Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Slow posting (and one for the girls)

I just wanted to say I am not dead, but having a bit of a 'mare wrapping up my life in London and prepping for my new start in Nottingham. Currently the 'mare is taking the form of a comedy 25-page lease that my prospective landlord obviously commissioned Machiavelli to draft. Hey ho!

I am moving in mid March, so will post occasionally until then. Hopefully I'll be back to full throttle by the end of March.

To keep you entertained here's a cute little interactive inforgraphic which helps with the sizing madness we girls face when we go shopping. There is such a disparity in shops' sizing that there the only solution is to take armfuls of sizes into the changing room to test-fit. This site attempts to make life easier (and point out the absurdity of the situation) by plotting your actual stats against the benchmarks for each chain. Yay!


  1. That's really useful! I wish they had it for guys too.

  2. easy for me as most UK labels do not fit and the odd ones that do are crap quality or shrink so i buy american - size and quality perfect ......