Monday, 6 February 2012

Cinema rant

This is a short rant: I love cinema. I really got into films when I was a teenager and I just adore movies and all the press material, websites and posters which surround them. But two things have happened recently which have annoyed the hell out of me. First I made the poor decision to buy the Ridley Scott Robin Hood film. This was a bad move because a) it's a really turgid movie and b) the DVD doesn't allow you to skip almost five minutes of copyright warnings and adverts before you can get to the main menu screen.

I have also just come back from a cinema in Central London where I saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (more on that soon). Because it was Leicester Square I paid £17.50 for a ticket. I was then treated to 25 minutes of adverts and trailers before the film began.

I hear the film and cinema industry is loosing money hand-over-fist. If only they would stop trying to squeeze every last drop of cash from the audiences (and the associated advertisers) and start giving the public what they want. The film they paid to see.

Rant over. Now here are some of my favorite movie posters. Which ones do you like? Have I missed any?


  1. £17.50 to watch a movie in the cinema? Not even a complimentary DVD???? Geesh, and people complain about GW being greedy bastards. At least you get to keep your miniatures for life.

  2. Now now Anonymous - that's enough of that. I'll have no swearing and no bad-mouthing my new employers (who - just for the record, are awesome). Any more and I'll have to start deleting comments.

  3. I agree with you on all of your points. So sad that I just can't stick to my guns on these issues as it seems with every year, those money grabbing folks in the studios keep putting out new flicks with themes and topics that make me hope that "this time" will be different.

    (I'd add Moulin Rouge and 80's Flash Gordon to your cool collection of movie posters, but that's just me.)

  4. It always amuses and frustrates me when companies blame someone or something else when their ruthless monopoly is threatened. Big cinema chains blame the growth of home cinema for their shrinking profits, when in reality it's largely the price gouging and terrible experience that's to blame. Retailers blame online seling for their shrinking profits, when the retail experience, the poorly trained staff (when you can find them), and the lack of stock variety are driving people to buy online.

    The other day I went to a big cinema to see Tin Tin and once again it reminded me to avoid them as much as possible and support small film houses. $8 for a bottle of water and the crappiest little choctop I'd ever seen. Tiny rooms because they cram as many as they can in their space. Endless ads before the feature. Badly maintained facilities, pre-pubescent (ie cheap) staff and teen patrons with zero social skills. Urgh!

    As for copyright ads before DVDs, don't get me started on one of the most annoying things ever! If there's one thing that *makes* you want to pirate films, it's these bloody ads. I've done the right thing for God's sake, stop preaching at me! I notice some UK discs now have a short 'thankyou for doing the right thing' spot instead of the threats, and what a refreshing change it is. But definitely, there should be no advertisements of any kind on a disc you pay for.

    Sorry to rant as well, you've touched on a pet hate!

    Fantastic posters there. Haven't see that great Thing one before. Have you seen the Hammer Horror-styled painterly one for The Woman in Black?

  5. Hollywood is sick, isn't it? I imagine them as one of those giant bosses from an old school shoot-em-up where it would go crazy just before it was completely destroyed. Then you would be allowed to go to the next level...

  6. Getting past the cinema rant I'm going to pick up on movie posters. Many of my favourites are by an artist called Graham Humpheys. He produced a lot of posters for the UK ad campaigns of early 80s horror movies and they were typically a million times better than the US versions.

    Go here..

    His Nightmare on Elm Street is sublime as are his Evil Dead ones (eagle eyed viewers may remember the Evil Dead 2 poster on the back wall of Tim and Daisy's flat in Spaced). I also love his The Return of the Living Dead one but I don't think it's on his site.