Monday, 9 January 2012

Tears of Envy is closing

The last few months have been a real roller coaster for me and they have culminated in a decision to close my design business. This is, however, for the best of reasons. I am extremely proud to announce that I have accepted the offer of a full time post as a Book Designer with Games Workshop.

Unfortunately it will  not be possible for me to continue my freelance work. I won’t be accepting any more commissions after the middle of March. However, you lucky kids will still be able to get your mitts on my designs via the GW product line.

This new role is a dream job. Not only is it at a company which, in many ways, is a spiritual home for me, it also represents a massive career and life change. Many of you know that I don’t do design full-time. I spend my days as a project manager in the UK’s National Health Service. On top of this, I have no formal art or design training whatsoever. None. Consequently I am flattered that anyone, least of all GW, would offer me work as a creative. So, not only will I be moving from a corporate business environment to a creative studio, I’ll be moving from London to Nottingham.

The massive change is in no small part due to the support that I have received from the industry over the years. I would like to thank (in alphabetical order):
  • Adam Clarke for his friendship and trust in letting me monkey about with his business (and, indeed, bestowing a monkey with a pistol on me),
  • Alessio Cavatore for being a fine fellow who knows a thing or two about setting up Macs,
  • Chris Palmer at Mantic who has always made sure I’m OK at their open days,
  • Ian Miller for being utterly bonkers and giving me a leg (yes, a leg),
  • Jake Thornton for his unceasingly witty conversation,
  • Jakob Nielsen for his encouragement and his immense intelligence,
  • Jeff Wilhelm who supported me early on and who I count as a true friend,
  • Jim Bailey who gave me such scope in Incursion and let me run riot with Genie Weave,
  • Mike McVey for his continuing patronage and his wonderful ability to articulate complex briefs,
  • Mike Thorpe for allowing me into his mind-blowing World of Twilight,
  • Peter Gifford for his support and intelligent criticism,
  • Ronnie Renton for putting his trust in me and letting me build one dungeon after another,
  • Seth Nash for being an awesome comrade and helping me when I was down,
  • Steve Buddle for being a wonderful friend, client and follow explorer of the strange (and for sending me the ad for the job!)
  • Zoe Wedderburn for being such an awesome project manager and looking after me at Games Day
There are also all my clients over the years - you are too many to mention but you’ve helped me get where I am today for which I am unending grateful! I also want to thank all my blog readers too, whose comments and emails make posting so rewarding. I love you all!

Last but not least I want to mention John Blanche. It’s now trite, as a gamer, painter or illustrator to say he has influenced one’s work. However, the fact its a hackneyed expression is testament to him being a true visionary who has shown us the light (or the LVX MVNDI). Frankly, none of us would be doing what we do, the way we do it, without him. He has placed immense trust in me, shown unending patience with me and been extremely generous with his time over the years and I am chuffed to bits to be invited ‘home’ to Lenton to become part of his nefarious cadre.

There remains the question of what to do with this blog. At present I am unsure of its future, and indeed the issue may prove to be out of my hands.


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  1. Wowee, good for you - congratulations - don't give up on the blog!

  2. I know how it feels, I sold What The?! Miniatures last year but it was for the best as well. I hope your new endeavor brings you and GW into a new golden age with your skill and vision.

    Good luck,

  3. Congrats Tamtam and all the best for your new assignment! GW is getting another shining star in their ranks. I truly hope that you won't give up this amazing blog!

  4. While this means we won't be seeing any more freelance work, hopefully the odd bit of fun stuff will still make it our way?

    Congrats and good luck!

  5. At first I thought, "oh no, what's happened?" and then the good news dropped: hell yeah! Congratulations! Bloody fantastic.

  6. Wow Congratulations ..only just met you and now your leaving .. :-( chuffed to bits for you though , and i am sure you will fly !

  7. Congrats Tammy, though I am sorry that you won't do any more freelance work as I personally don't play GW games anymore. Though the GW community should be most pleased by having your among their ranks as you have a great talent with what you do.

    I still have my hopes up for you to use those mansion tiles for that Lovecraft novel inspired game in the future :-)

    /Alexander "Anatoli"

  8. Best of luck with the new job, sounds like a blast! I hope you will keep the blog going, or start it up again later when time permits. I've only discovered it a couple of months ago, but it quickly became one of my favorites.

  9. Congratulations! I saw that job ad and thought you'd be jumping on it.

    You've succesfully reversed the trend of a GW creative freelancing for Mantic.

  10. Grats! I hope you keep the blogging up, it's always a great read.


  11. Congratulations... do keep blogging if you can!

  12. A dream job indeed! O how I fanticised of such a position when I was more artistically inclined. Excited as all hell to see what you'll create for all of us GW hobbyists! Mega Congrats!

    PS - just cos you got a new job, doesn't mean you should leave your lovely blog behind.

    Jus' sayin' an' all tha'.

  13. Hi All

    Thank you so much for all the kind comments - I really appreciate it. I am so flattered that many of you want me to keep the blog. I shall do my best although I suspect there will be some topics I must steer clear of. Hopefully I'll still entertain though.


  14. Whoa - congratulations! That's so brilliant. I really hope that you can find a way to keep the blog going; it's always an enjoyable read. Let's try and have a coffee before you leave.

  15. Sorry to hear, for us, but delighted to hear, for you !!!

    Well done and good luck :)


  16. The lengths GW will go to upset Ronnie ;P

    Seriously though Tammy, it's exciting news. Terrible, and exciting. Terrible for all of us that lose the use of your skills, but exciting cos we'll see you romping through the GW cannon now. That will be fun.

    Look forward to seeing you up in Notts.


  17. Apologies for my site being down, a scumbag hacker got through. I've fixed the site and I'm awaiting Google re-verification.

    Anyway, I'm very proud to be on that list. Congratulations TamTam, it's an honour richly deserved. Do keep this blog to chronicle your fascinating adventures in the UK though, I love a bit of vicarious travelling, especially when you have such impeccable taste!

    Peter G (Universal Head)

  18. Oh this is awesome news but lets not forget GW are definitely getting the best end of the deal!

    I hope this catapults you into the super 16bit design stratosphere I bore my friends silly already with the amazing things you link so I hope you will keep your personal adventures going - trips, reviews, music and your own miniature adventures alive!

    All the best!

    Andrew NZ

  19. Really happy for you Tamtam. Can't wait to see what you do for us up here in the studio. I know you'll do amazing things, you aways do.

  20. Moving to Nottingham?!!! Nooooooo!! Oh well, it's not far - come & visit often! Congratulations on the job offer though, it's fabulous.
    Maz xx

  21. Congrats!!

    I am glad that you will be doing what you want to do. Go after it will all your strength.


  22. Congrats indeed. Look forward to your work in the near future. :)

    - Seb/Tael.