Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hello 2012

Following from my last post it would be uncharitable not to look forward to what's in store for 2012 (Mayan apocalypse aside).

This is somewhat of a difficult task for me as I wholly agree with the sentiments of the Victorian philanthropist Henry Wellcome who proclaimed, "Never tell anyone what you propose to do until you have done it." Suffice it to say that I intend 2012 to be a year of radical change and this will be reflected on both the creative and personal fronts. All I can say is there's some profound things in the works. What I can reveal is that I have nearly completed a commercial project which you will see later this year.

There are quite a few cultural events I am looking forward to. 2012 will see the release of Ridlet Scott's hotly anticipated Prometheus and a trip back to Middle Earth in the form of the first part of The Hobbit. I don't like indulging in rumors about what GW will produce next, but it's looking like there might be a new edition of 40K which, in my book, is always an exciting event. Kallamity's Abakan 2288 will be released, which I am very much looking forward to. I am somewhat curmudgeonly about the Olympics - they have and will bring welcome regeneration the East End and trade to this country in what are difficult times, but the fuss and bother leave me cold. I am always kicking myself that I am not more abreast of video games and anime so I am not sure what's emerging there. Perhaps it should be a resolution of mine to stay in touch with these cultures?

Today I have just shot a great number of minis, both old and new, so please stay tuned for forthcoming posts.

I wish you all a happy and productive 2012!


  1. Is that Mucha picture your house?


  2. Nope. I do like his stuff though so perhaps I'll get some prints one day. He's an utterly awesome draftsman and his work is fresh and modern even today.

  3. Whatever you end up doing this year, have a great 2012! Happy New Year!

  4. Happy new year! Are you going to White Mischief in April? That might be something to look forward to.

    I used to agree with you (via Wellcome) about keeping schtum about plans: there's some truth in the idea that those that do, do, whilst those that talk simply procrastinate. However, sometimes telling people what you're going to do can be a useful tool as it forces you to do it: you have to begin actualising your plans or otherwise you just look stupid.

    Anyway, all the best for the year ahead.

  5. @Fulgrim - Yep, deffo up for WM if I am in town. Not sure if Tobias has decided on a theme for this next one, but whatever it transpires to be it'll be awesome.

    Good point about publicity being a driving force. I hadn't thought of that.

  6. 1970 - mucha's spring hanging on mi wall - she stepped out and walked around mi room and the wall itself dissolved into its atomic structure - i just eat to much these days ....

  7. My thoughts are more and more to the value of using deconstruction to understand things; painting, production, people. I enjoy when I am given the process and the derivation. Then it is easier to try it!!!

    One man's vote for the future.