Thursday, 22 December 2011

Prometheus trailer

Today has been pretty exciting. The fact this AWESOME new trailer is one of the LEAST exciting things to have happened hopefully goes some way to explaining how exicing my day has been. Anyway, we've been waiting a while and this looks like it's not going to disappoint...


  1. Extreme yay!

    I have to say though, I hate the style of modern trailers.

  2. Looks awesome! I like the soundtrack hope that carries through to the film...


    Have a fantastic Christmas keep warm up there and look forward to sharing your discoveries in 2012!

  3. link it up to mi base heavy speakers and blew our blimmin socks off - enjoy trailers very much - moved on to dark night and then battleship - such funne .....

  4. Tremendous. Great cast, great director - that's a terrific trailer.

  5. I know a guy who is working on this and, if he's on it with Ridley it's certain to be badass!