Monday, 5 December 2011

Out and about #5

So, this is what I have been up to since I last reported to you...

Via a subscription she has my friend Lou and I went to go and see a free screening of the new film 50/50. I was rather rushed at the time and so failed to read anything about the plot. She, on the other hand, did. "Do you know what it's about?" she asked. "It's a comedy, isn't it?" I said, surmising that the strapline saying 'touching and funny' on the one poster indicated the rom-com genre. "No, its about a young man who gets cancer." Me: "Oh". Anyway the film was pretty good and I'd recommend it as it was both touching and funny. On the way home we stopped at the esteemed Resistance Gallery to watch a topless, body-painted girl aid an auction of custom soft toys. London is full of variety.

I had some karaoke inflicted on my after a night out with my colleagues. Actually, it wasn't that bad, but I did have to drink a lot.

I stopped in at the Wellcome Institute museum one afternoon to look at their core collection. They have some fascinating stuff there, like torture chairs, medical instruments and metal corsets!

Chief Chap Gustav kindly invited me to see 80s sensation Adam Ant perform at the Troxy in East London. I must say Mr Ant put on a very good show and the crowd (a mixed bunch - some who remembered him from his heyday and then East London hipster fashion darlings) really loved it. We were joined by Resident Bounder Michael 'Atters' Attree, whose hilarious Wiki I have plugged before.

I hooked up with my friend Retro R for a lovely afternoon out at London's Borough Market. The market sits by the wonderful Southwark Cathedral and sells lots of fresh and farmers' market produce. It's therefore a great place to go for a bite to eat. The site is right be the River Thames, and a reproduction of The Golden Hind, Sir Frances Drake's ship, is moored nearby.

My friend JMC invited me to join the boys for a game of Dread. This is an Indie horror roleplaying game where all rolls are instead replaced by folk having to pull Jenga blocks from a tower. Hence the games get more and more nail-biting as they progress. JMC had written an awesome and very-well-thought-out scenario about kids in an American summer camp. I'll try and persuade him to type it up sometime as we had a lot of fun.

I spent a weekend with my Ancient Greeks. Reenactment is seasonal and we only go to the fairs in the summer months. In the winter we gather to chat, eat and work on our projects. An ongoing task has been to paint the exterior of our tents in the bright colours and patterns we suppose the Greeks might have used. This seemingly Sisyphean task is almost at an end! We were also joined by our pet rabbit Fraser (who is often called 'lunch' when he misbehaves). The highlight of these weekends is our Saturday night feast, where we cook lots of food (sometimes from historical recipes) and drink things like mead (which is awesome - try it if you have not done so before).

Last weekend saw the 3rd Grand Arnarcho-Dandyist Ball. This is The Chap's end-of-year bash and is a celebration of cads, bounders and layabouts. Amid a glorious 30s ballroom decked out with banners we gathered to drink and dance. It was hosted by the slightly bonkers Viv the Spiv, who is the veritable reincarnation of Flash Harry from the St Trinians films. Most folk dressed in dinner suits or cocktail dresses, but clearly Atters and I read the wrong invite, and he came as a Dalek and I as The Ghost of Christmas Past. Cue disapproving scowls. More on my makeup soon.


  1. What are those balls in your Ancient Greek photo bunch?

  2. Hi phiq. They are papier mache rocks! We portray various civillian and troop types during our arena display and amongst them are 'peltasts'. They are light infantry and throw rocks at our Persian members. Clearly we don't want to hurt anyone for real, so we use fake rocks for this purpose.