Sunday, 18 December 2011

New work from John Blanche #9

J.B. has kindly sent me another image to share with you all.

This poor soul crouches by a dismal pool while a throng of penitents winds their way through the dank landscape. His wizened body has been mutilated almost beyond recognition. Like Lavinia in Titus Andronicus, he has had his hands cut off (and quite feasibly his tongue cut out as well). However, in a Blanche-ian twist electro-lashes have been grafted on to his otherwise useless stumps. There is something child-like about his posture, with his knees drawn up to his chest in a foetal manner. He is a kind of Benjamin Button from a dark, forbidding future, inspiring both sympathy and horror. He sits with his relique-eyes watching the turgid decay around him. The dripping ground is at once mechanical, charnel and arboreal.

Even though it retains Blanche’s trademark ink draftsmanship, in its rendering this piece is somewhat more painterly. Little of his stipple or scribble shading is discernible while the ink shading models the forms with a relative smoothness. The white acrylic highlights on the creature’s skin are carefully placed to give it a thin, papery quality, while the occasional plumes of smoke are liquid in their application.

Stay tuned for more Blanche goodness very soon!


  1. OOh new work ! hes a scrawny little fellow.The writhing ground is grim , and quite.. geiger . Like the contrast between nature and science , the carrot topped monks look familiar , i imagine hes just taking a moment for himself , contemplating.

    Lovely atmosphere , the green/yellow enhances the foreground and he is almost popping out of the picture .it feels quite diffrent to most of the stuff i have seen before , a character study , in full colour. the addition of antique vials is brilliant as is the eye pieces.

  2. Channeling a mix of Giger and Miller-esque trees there, JB. Lots of green too!

  3. it was about time i used green again - got there bi a GW related project where i needed a hint of green in mi ink mix so i had a pot - i cant see a use for bloo yet tho - the inking is still present but greater intensity of ink washes make them less obvious - the trees grow from the cable ground and are themselves cablesque - the arco is on an ecllisiarcheical world kept in a state of pacification seeing thru his chapleye's and brain infused with hymnals and litanies - the belicose elixiers and words are not engaged in this state

  4. There are thoughts that I'd like to put in to words but they're draining through my neck, shivering my limbs and making my skin goosebumps from awe...

  5. Love the word belicose , and interesting to note that the trees are cableesque. that will definitely be an influence