Sunday, 11 December 2011

Luca 'Kallamity' Zampriolo publishes ABAKAN 2288

Kallamity is the handle for the enormously talented Luca Zampriolo. He makes very beautiful (and very expensive) resin mecha kits. Not only does he sculpt these awesome and insanely detailed things, he's a cracking painter. IMHO his stuff is up there with Paolo Parente, threeA and Kow Yokoyama.

The great news is he's releasing a book, ABAKAN 2288. From the press release:

Kallamity poses the question, "As oil and gas are depleted in the future and inhabitants of Planet Earth continue to grow exponentially, how will a world based on the exploitation of these two natural resources maintain its current technological growth?" and then he precedes to present amazing visuals for the answer in the form of ABAKAN 2288.

In this Sci-fi tale, with oil resources tapped out and the ensuing crash of the world economy, the Weingart family holds a dictatorial monarchy over Earth as a result of their development of WEIN technology which allows for the fabrication of H.D.M.s as well as travel to other planets for more natural resources.

ABAKAN 2288 not only focuses on the images for the world that is yet to be but also on the creation of the Hard Doll Machine mecha designs. Kallamity designs the master patterns that are cast, assembles and creates machine dolls from these pieces of various sizes; ranging from a volleyball to the head of a pin. Being a worldwide success as a collectible sculptor of machine warrior dolls, readers will learn from one of the best in the industry how to conceptualize, fabricate and finish machine robots.

Kallamity combines mecha designs with the steampunk aesthetic to create the stunning yet depleted Sci-fi world of ABAKAN that we hope to not have to occupy someday, as visually captivating as it is!

Check out the book's blurb here and also this thread from where he talks about his work and methods.

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