Friday, 9 December 2011

New work: Dwarf King's Hold 3 tiles

Mantic have officially released Dwarf King's Hold 3: Ancient Grudge which contains my new floorplans. The boxed set is an expansion to the DKH line and contains two entirely new tiles.

We wanted to make these tiles different from their predecessors and a clear candidate for their theme that emerged early-on was ice and snow. There were two things I wanted to incorporate to liven things up a bit - bones and crystals. I love the Hoth Wampa scene from The Empire Strikes Back - the way his cave is filled with the remains of the unfortunate creatures he's dragged back there. Hence I wanted some really big bones in the larger room to hint that the room had become the lair of some equally hungry beast. I also looked at magnifications of snowflakes which led me to the crystal theme. In the second tile I explored the way the snow turns into a bed of crystals, and then added a rather magical but menacing giant snowflake.

My favorite part of these tiles is rather subtle. I am really pleased with the patch of ice on the top right of the larger one. If you see one of these tiles in the flesh, check it out as it even features the kind of cracks and striations you get on real ice!

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