Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Out and about #4

This time of year is always busy as there are so many birthdays and parties to go to as well as festivals like Hallowe'en and Guy Fawkes night. Here's what I've been up to...

Sunday saw the return of Kashpoint, the flamboyant London club night which takes on the UK mantle of the Club Kids scene which originated in New York in the late 80s. Completely bonkers costumes are de-rigueur. 

On Saturday I was totally blown away by the Glitch Mob at their gig in Brixton in South London.

My Hallowe'en culminated in the a wonderful night at White Mischief - the UK's premier Steampunk party. The place was full of undead nurses, sinister fortune-tellers and masked pulp heroes.

In the day on the Hallowe'en weekend I performed with The House of Fairy Tales. We entertained children with a humorous mock seance where the kids were encouraged to leave the circle and become a ghost to scare the remaining participants.

The previous weekend I was lucky enough to attend The Minotaur show in the Old Vic Tunnels under Waterloo station. Strange and nefarious exhibits filled the cavernous brick-lined spaces and loomed at us out of the darkness.

I went to go and see a stage adaption of Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror. I'll post a review soon. Don't get your hopes up.

Some elegant Georgian villas in London's Isington district.

One of the few remaining vintage stores in London. Many have been priced out by rising property costs. This one is on the Holloway Road.

I spent a really lovely evening with my pal Tomki in this pub in Islington after work. Pubs are an essential feature of British social life and the best are lovely and cosy places to be on winter nights.

It rains a lot here in the UK. We occasionally get nice rainbows though.

The sketches from an informal life-drawing group I attend. I must post scans of my recent sketches soon.

The Atlantis bookshop in the Holborn area of London. This is (probably) the oldest occult bookshop in the UK and has an amazing range of titles covering all aspects of the subject. There are guides to vampires, Egyptian mysticism, esoterica and wicca all side-by-side in a wonderful traditional shop interior. The staff are very friendly too.

A ghost walk in London's Bloomsbury district. The area is a lot more haunted than I ever images it might be!

Two pigeons loitering outside my office window.

The Russell Square festival featured some wonderful outdoor installations, like this peotry parade with hundreds of streamers fluttering in the Autumn breeze.

These two photos are from a pair of exhibitions at London's excellent Wellcome Collection. One was of Mexican religious votives - these were offerings made to saints to beg for and give thanks for interventions in times of need. The other was a fascinating display of pre-20th century charms. Such trinkets were very common. They took various forms (like pierced coins, bits of string and so forth) and were believed to ward off sickness and afford protection against bad luck. The culture of charms was strongest amongst the very poor. Consequently few records survive and so little is known about the conventions and customs surrounding these little items.


  1. I feel like we live in difference cities when you do these posts. Talk about living vicariously...!

  2. I feel like there must surely be at least three Tamtams just to fit all this stuff in...

  3. Seriously, I do not know where you get your energy.

  4. @Fulgrim: I think I might.

  5. Aw - thanks guys. Life has been somewhat busy of late.

    @Jason - Fulgrim and I are trying to hook up, maybe on the evening of the 24th or 25th. You about then? Drop me an email.

    @Steve - see you Friday!

    @#2501 - wish you were here!

  6. I can't connect to your site for some reason, but I should be available, that would be fab. Use my website email if yours is down.

  7. @Tears of Envy: Be careful what you wish for... ;)