Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Jon Law's miniature photos

I have just discovered the miniature photos of Jon Law via the Games Workshop website.

Jon takes amazing shots of GW minis shrouded in mist and often with incidental lighting. What really strikes me about his shots is that, unlike the photos that appear in the Forgeworld books, Jon makes no attempt to disguise the fact that his miniatures are just that. Their bases are present and correct, and sometimes the edges of the games tables are visible. This makes his images somewhat more 'honest' than those which strive to disguise the scale of their subjects.

Added to this, he has a wonderful sense of composition, lighting and colour. I love the way his minis loom out of the mist. He uses silhouette to great effect too, especially on his 'Nid images.

I highly recommend you check out his flickr set.


  1. i love these- remind me of duncans stuff in wargames illustrated years ago- atmospheric but unapologetic - really great .....

  2. These are almost cinematic. It's photography like this that got me into the whole hobby aspect in the first place.

    Great find!

  3. They're fantastic pictures, aren't they? He's a really helpful chap. I emailed him a while back and he spent a load of time explaining how he got the smoke effect. I'd feared he was a chain smoker, but he uses a smoke machine you can hire for DIY discos and the like! He has some fine videos on YouTube as well.