Thursday, 24 November 2011

John Blanche's desk!!!

I have a very special post for you today. John Blanche (=[The Man]=) has sent through a photo of his desk for your enjoyment.

I am sure you'll all be as surprised as I was to see he does not work in a crumbling attic full of cobwebs, bottled homunculi and the bones of heretics. He explains that he hates clutter and tries to pair his kit only down to the essential components. The desk itself is a simple oak affair topped by an Edwardian teacher's writing box.  Beside this sits his MacBook Pro and a wooden tea box in which he keeps his miniatures. He prefers to paint by natural north light, but has an anglepoise daylight lamp for occasional use.

This spartan set-up is complemented by a general lack of miniatures on display. JB explains that he has gradually reduced his collection over the years and retains only a few pieces. On the wall hangs an illustration by Ian Miller, 13th century vellum Bible page and a Frederick the Great-era cavalry pistol. In front of the desk is a hard wooden stool. JB doesn't use this work station for illustration - he prefers to stand while painting as it evades problems like neck and back ache.

I hope you've enjoyed this insight into JB's working practices and thanks the The Rat King himself for sending though this enlightening image.


  1. a blank canvas to exercise the imagination ......

  2. Ah, my desk is pretty much a tip as you'll have noticed when you visit my dark corner of the studio...

    Really would prefer to have a more spartan environment but it never works out that way...

    Maybe I should go digital so I don't have little blobs of epoxy putty everywhere...

  3. Mr J.B; where on earth do you put your legs? Do they fit in that gap? And what's the skull on top of those books?

  4. i very rarely use the stool just there when i need a very steady hand painting minis for illustration i stand - better control of eye to paper and never a back ache like so many of mi colleagues - skull just a plastic drawing aid - i do have a real one but it creeps me a bit so its in mi bookcase and not staring at me ....

  5. Haha! 'Ask ye not for who they seeke' :)