Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ghost costume sketch

I have just completed this sketch of a ghost costume. Clearly I've missed Hallowe'en but in my head IT'S ALWAYS HALLOWEEN! Or maybe I could use it as a Christmas costume and be the Ghost of Christmas Past.

It's based on a wonderful mini from Smart Max. As soon as I saw the sculpt, I thought it'd make a great real-life costume. Not only is the figure dynamic, but its design taps into the archetypal hallmarks of a phantom - chains, billowing white dress, candelabra etc.

I'm not very happy with the borders of my illustration. Watercolour pencils, although portable and handy, are not good when you need to cover areas of more than an inch or so square. In addition, and as I've mentioned before, the pages of Moleskines don't hold liquids that well. Nonetheless, I do enjoy having a Moleskine as a repository for my work. They do make versions with watercolour block pages, so I may investigate.


  1. I feel the Moebius coming through again... ;-)

  2. Question: (and it may seem silly) what open do you use I must admit I gave up using my mole-skin (titter)as I would write sketch whatever then leave - come back and it would be a smudgy mess!!

    PS lovely sketch. Enjoyed the Forgefather one from the open day as well.

  3. @phiq - yes, I do like Mobius but I must confess Bilal is a bigger influence.

    @Minitrol - presume you mean "pen"! It's a black Steadtler 0.05mm liner. Must post the Forgefather one here soon.

  4. Um yes thats what I meant. Damn sleep deprived brain work

  5. That's one mini I'll have to pick up (you can never have too many ghosts).

    I wonder if they make novelty candles with treated wicks that burn in different colors? If they don't, they should. I suppose you could use novelty lights in a candelabra, but that wouldn't quite be the same, would it?

  6. Good idea RE the candles, #2501. I have just bagged me a candelabra from ebay so this is shaping up to be my Ghost of Christmas past costume!