Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Adventures in Nottingham

Last weekend was the culmination of a slightly epic trip to Nottingham. Here is what I got up to...

On my way there I encountered this odd little face peering at me from a motorway bridge. Is the M25 regressing to a pre-Christian state of earth-worship?

Before I checked into my hotel I stopped at the amazing Anchor Supplies. They sell all manner of forces surplus kit. Visiting their stores (they have two) is always akin to entering an Alladin's cave of awesome hardware, clothes and gear. I picked up a lovely shemagh scarf.

I stayed in the amazing Colwick Hall (pronounced "colic"). The place is reputedly haunted by several ghosts. The autumnal morning were very damp and, as I emerged for breakfast, the mist rolled in and I could well believe it shrouded all manner of specters and ghasts.

I was delighted to discover that next to the hotel stood the ruined church of St John. I spent two wonderful mornings looking for undead minions amidst the broken stones and shattered graves. I'll post more photos of the church and the hotel once I've processed them.

I met up with my good friend Spyglass and we spent a fascinating day exploring the fringes of science and nature. We began our quest at the Hemlock Stone. This is a massive outcrop of sedimentary rock which looms atop a wooded hill just to the South West of Nottingham. It is reputed to have been a place of Druid worship and has been a central in local folklore ever since.

We then made our way to the village of Gotham. This village has an interesting history and is almost certainly the origin of the name of Batman's home city. We huddled away from the cold and damp amidst the warm glow of the Cookoo Bush Inn.

Upon our return to the city we stopped off at GW HQ and caught up with John Blanche and Jes Goodwin in Bugmans. I became increasingly distracted by a pile of boxes in the corner of the bar which looked remarkably like Old Skool supplements GW released in the early 90s. Closer inspection proved my geek detector reliable. Staff had discovered the stock in an archive room and were selling off the copies!

Saturday saw the much-anticipated release of Warpath - Mantic's new sci-fi tabletop game. I joined the Mantic crew in their Barker Gate HQ and spent a lovely day chatting to fans, showing off the tiles to Dwarf King's Hold 3 and watching the demos. It was great to hang out with hobby luminaries like Jake Thornton, Alessio Cavatore, the Golem crew, Bob Naismith, Ninjabread and Leonidas (the publisher of Ravage, who was over from France for the day). Ronnie was on fine form and I can assure you that the contents of Mantic's secret room are very exciting.

All in all it was a wonderful trip.


  1. 'twas a lovely day out. Somewhere therein my name was apparently lost in favour of another...

  2. What I wouldn't do for that copy of Hive War or the Grudge of Drong box.

  3. @dylangould - they were £25 each I think. You could always give them a call and see if they could post one to you. Xx