Sunday, 23 October 2011


I have been getting more and more into sketching this past year. I have not blogged about it for the simple reason that Canon were lining their pockets via enforced obsolescence and they didn't produce a driver for my old scanner. They seem to have got their act together so now I can use my antiquated but perfectly good bit of kit with my iMac.

Below is a sketch of a fox skull I did when I was in Derbyshire earlier this summer.  At the time I was using pen, pencil and traditional watercolours (I have now moved onto the most excellent watercolour pencils). The white is from a Uni-Ball Signo. I discovered them after reading Ben Templesmith sing their praises. These little gel pens are amazing and are a much more portable and user-friendly than traditional brush-paints. I have also tried white Pentel Hybrid Gel pens but the 'flow' does not seem quite so good on them.

The yellow ground you see is the paper from a trusty old Moleskine. I really loved the hue of these pages but, alas, the latest batch of books I've seen seem to have much whiter paper.


  1. Interesting. I like the highlighting up from the more mid toned paper. When I was life-drawing I would often sketch in the shading quite roughly and then smudge the pencils over the whole image with either fingers or a paper towel. Then I'd highlight using an eraser. Worked really nicely.

  2. Hi Steve. Yes, working on mid-toned paper is ace. However, I have never seen any portable, robust sketchbooks which have leaves of anything other than white. :-(