Tuesday, 25 October 2011


A few years ago I came across some very out-of-date polaroid film. The films proceeded to sit around for a few more years until recently when I discovered an early 80s Polaroid camera in my parents' loft. Having loaded the machine I took it off to nearby Shoreditch, swaggering for all the world like some retro-tastic-hipster-@&%*.

The results are quite magical. The ghostly images evoke a London of yester-year. Peering at these little opalescent prints one gets the impression the camera is seeing more than we do. Perhaps the blur is caused by events, past, present and future, resonating inside the whirring, spitting box-of-a-camera?


  1. With proper aging and preparation, Polaroid film shows Purgatory, layered over the living world like so much orange juice.

    Now you know. Don't tell anyone.

  2. I really like these; have you seen Andrei Tarkovsky's book of polaroids? Some of those have a similar quality.