Sunday, 16 October 2011

Out and about #2

This is what I have been up to and where over the last couple of weeks...

This little fellow has set up home outside my office window, which is pretty impressive given I'm three floors up. We spend a lot of time eying each other up - I wonder when he'll try and bust in so he can attack me.

The two photos above are of an amazing puppet performance I went to see with my pal Tomki. Boris and Serge are two diminutive "unspecific Eastern Europeans" who spend their nights fighting, drinking and, most bizarrely, reenacting David Lynch's The Elephant Man. Which is pretty awesome.

St Paul's Cathedral. Nice to know it's still standing.

Postman's Park - a raised burial ground in the City of London.

A set of Victorian mansions at the end of Columbia Road in East London. This whole area was a slum (or "rookery") until it was cleared in the late 1800s. I seem to remember a woman philanthropist built these dwellings when the area was gentrified.

ROA's rabbit graffiti on the Hackney Road in East London. The Council threatened to remove this mural but the decision was, thankfully, overturned following overwhelming public support to preserve the piece.

The Cass Art flagship store in Islington. I love this shop and it's where I go to get most of my supplies. It's got three floors of arty-awesomeness!

A late night opening at London's National Portrait Gallery. My friend Pigalle was running a night there called "The Glamor Factory" to celebrate the opening of a new exhibition of portraits of vintage Hollywood stars. Here my friend Mam'elle Maz draws around her hand on the 'walk of fame'. "Are you going to put this up when it's done?" I asked one of the attendants. "No, we're just going to chuck it in the bin." she replied, deadpan. Oh well...

Anthony and Miss Miranda at the NPG.

Bird boxes in Islington.

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  1. Hooray for letting the council know where to stick it!