Saturday, 8 October 2011

Old work: Terminator parade - Blood Angel

I was clicking through my Picasa archive the other day and came across a series of colour studies I did of Terminators. I had thought to use them in a personal project, but plans change and...well, they were just left abandoned. Their creation was a real learning curve for me and it was during this project that I learned to love Photoshop layer effects.

I'll post these one at a time over the coming weeks, then perhaps chuck out a full parade of them.


  1. He looks cool. That's an unusual tilt shield there; what was the intention behind that? Also, have you noticed that the new Space Marine Terminator models don't have those "gills" underneath their eyes anymore? Except for the Space Wolf ones. What...?

  2. i really like that - thats a great red ....

  3. Thanks both. The shield is actually a photo I took of a large medieval brooch. It seemed to work well in this context so I threw it in.