Thursday, 27 October 2011

More Eldar

Below are some shots of two more squads I shot recently. These were painted before I nailed my airbrush technique, so were done in a more traditional wash-and-highlight manner. This is most noticable on the yellow, which I think is not as good as on their airbrushed counterparts.

I am particularly fond of the Ranger (or "Scout", as they were known back-in-the-day) models. They have always struck me as being some of the best sculpts of their generation. They lack the ungainliness that occasionally hampered some of the guardians from that era. I also like the background to them. Refined Eldar "gone native" and living off the land, tracking and hunting is a great. Their billowing camouflage frock coats and long boots are wonderful.

The Dark Reaper Exarch that I am using as a Guardian squad leader has a pose which is beautifully thought-out. Look at the way his right leg is at the same angle as his Web of Skulls and pistol, while his arms are at ninety degrees to this. The front of his helmet is also the same angle as his left foot. Very satisfying!

These models were shot with the aid of The BoX.


  1. So many memories of these early Guardian figs...

  2. Yes, they're great, aren't they? :-)

  3. I am in love with the glossy edges!

  4. Hey Minitrol - yes, I do like them that way. I dullcote/antishine them first, then re-do the edges with Humbrol gloss enamel. BTW there are some very interesting art historical treatises on the function of the base in sculpture and the way it's a transitional zone between the work of art and the real world.