Saturday, 3 September 2011

New work: World of Twilight logo

I am proud to be able to show you my logo for the World of Twilight game. WoT is the brainchild of the super-talented Mike Thorp. WoT is unique in the wargames world as it is not derived from Tolkein-esque mythology. Rather than featuring the usual range of fantasy folk like elves and orcs, it portrays several races of Mike's own creation. At present these are the Fubarnii, the Delgon and the Devanu, which  are all quite saurian in appearance.

Mike has already published two rulebooks for the WoT game and more material is in the pipeline. One of the things that attracted me to the project was that the WoT background is not only highly original but also rather intimate. Reading the rulebooks one is struck by the lack of apocalyptic descriptions and the gameplay and scenarios are deliberately small-scale ("protect the caravan" for example). Added to this the reader is instantly struck by the fact the world is a labour of love for Mike. In the introductions to the rulebooks he talks about how long the WoT has been a part of his life, and he is generous in inviting readers to contribute to what is still an evolving IP. I was touched by this, as it is a rare thing in our industry.

Mike is, at present, pretty much a one-man-band. He prodigious talent has allowed him to draft the rules, write the books, sculpt the minis and produce the artwork. There are unmistakable overtones of Brian Froud (and particularly The Dark Crystal) in his illustrations. He was eager to revise what was already a very accomplished text-based logo rather than re-design it completely. We therefore opted to keep the render within the aesthetic realm he had already established. Hence we chose natural textures and tones while, at the same time, gave it a sense of antiquity.

I hope you enjoy the logo and I strongly encourage you to check out the World of Twilight as it is a thoroughly delightful piece of work.


  1. Great work as ever! I have been stopping by periodically and lurking... :)

    I'll be sure to check out WoT more too. After a cursory view, I can see that it is right up my alley.
    Great stuff, all around!


  2. Hey JL

    Thanks and glad you like it. I am loving your work too, particularly the stuff you did for Leviathans. I am now following your blog!