Thursday, 1 September 2011

Mikael "Migsula" Silvanto

Amazing conversions and paint jobs from the uber-talented "Migsula". I am stunned not only by his ability to harmonize components, but his colour sensibility as well. For example, check out the palette he uses on his Marine. I love the way the hues are restrained and organic throughout. His work retains a painterly quality even on the hard tech.

More mind bending work is shown on his excellent blog where he also talks eloquently about his inspiration and the concept of =I=munda.


  1. I still have not found out how this amazing dude actually begins the process of making one of these miniatures. The best I can come up with at the moment is that he starts with a concept sketch, and then seeks the requisite parts. Migsula's work is the hobby at its very best.

  2. Super talented (He is a professional designer in real life btw)+ His a Finn (One of the rare well known Finnish hobbyists out there)
    Never met him personally but i really hope that i do some day (We both live in Helsinki)
    I really love this stuff!