Monday, 26 September 2011

Mass linkage

I am a self-confessed image junkie. I spend a lot of my time just looking at things on the internet. I am very careful to save everything I like, and I tend to do this in batches using Firefox Add-ons like Download Them All and Save Images.

Here is a collection of super-delicious stuff I have been harvesting of late.

[Note: a couple of these might be NSFW]

New artwork by Kilian Eng
1950s Teddy Girls
Aaran Horkey
Harem Scare 'Em
Virgil Finlay
Philip Govedare
Interview with Hydro 74
Vintage Hollywood glamazons
Vintage Hollywood glamazons 2
Yasunobu Shidami 
A-bomb destruction 
Maxfield Parish
Dorothy Lathrop
Before and after D-Day in colour
Harry Clarke
Kay Nielsen
Jennie Sharman-Cox
Erwin Olaf
Nick Night
Jean-Michel Nicollet 

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