Saturday, 13 August 2011

Riots and how Games Workshop has been involved

Some of you have kindly asked if I was OK in light of the recent London riots. The answer is; yes I am fine, but things were a bit 'hairy' for a while. I live in sunny Hackney in East London which has been one of the hot-spots for trouble over the last week. Thankfully the unrest didn't quite reach my 'manor', but shops have been barricaded shut, the roads were full of riot Police vans and the sky filled with helicopters. The Met, as the London force is known, did a pretty good job of getting to grips with things as far as I can make out and we seem to be on a much more even keel. Things aren't quite as rosy outside the capital, with riots continuing in various large cities.

There was talk briefly of sending in the Army. Although the boys in green would have been very efficient, I am glad we didn't have to resort to drafting them in. Doing so would have signaled that the streets had indeed been lost (and when this happens a government can no longer be said to be in control) and more people would almost certainly have been killed.

The second reason I post about this is because there has been a slew of wickedly funny internet mimes and mash-ups on the subject. Check out Rioters Vs Photoshop, photoshoprioter, photoshoplooter, and, the coup-de-grace, this hilarious piece from the acerbic Daily Mash about disappointed rioters returning goods to Games Workshop. As chucklesome as these are, please don't forget that people have died, lives have been ruined and futures destroyed. London is now a different place.

Pax Imperialis.

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