Monday, 4 July 2011

Marian Bantjes - I Wonder

Recently I discovered the work of Marian Bantjes after seeing the startling cover to her new book I Wonder in a shop. The gleaming tome looked like a prayer book from the middle ages and, upon opening it, I was astounded by the graphic design and typography inside.

Bantjes, from Canada, is one of the world’s foremost graphic designers and typographers. For a decade beginning in the mid 90s she honed her skills at Digitopolis in Vancouver before leaving the firm and pursuing other projects. Numbering amongst her clients is Stefan Sagmeister, Print Magazine, Wallpaper* , WIRED, The Guardian and The New York Times. Her book I Wonder was hailed as one of the 13 best design books of 2010 by Fastcode design. It is a very personal exploration of design topics combining essays with Bantjes’ own work. Both the writing and the graphics are witty and irreverent. Essays on typography and design theory are often dry to the point of being unreadable, but her writing is highly personal and endlessly engaging.

I would strongly suggest that you pick up a copy if you're interested in visual communication of any kind. It is very reasonably priced on Amazon. It has very high production values - it is beautifully bound with an embossed cover, features metallic and fluorescent inks and gilded page edges.