Sunday, 10 July 2011

Mantic Games Open Day

Yesterday saw the second Open Day held by the tabletop games publisher Mantic. I have worked with them on three of their titles and they kindly invited my along to talk about my contributions to the visitors. The event was held in their new offices in Nottingham and drew a large and enthusiastic crowd. Things were particularly exciting because the event marked the official release of the second Dwarf King's Hold boxed set (suffixed Green Menace) and provided some sneak peeks of the forthcoming sci-fi game Warpath.

Rules authors, painters, sculptors and the Mantic staff were on-hand to talk about their work and folk came from as far afield as Germany to be a part of the event. There was no shortage of things to do as the packed schedule featured a painting competition, demo games, seminars and tours of the warehouse (which, Ronnie told me, was originally built to make coffins!).

I am not going to 'spill the beans' about Mantic's forthcoming projects as I am sure the forums will do a good job of reporting things. Instead I'll leave you with some snaps I took throughout the day. Big thanks to Chris Palmer for doing such a good job of organising the event.

The new Dwarf King's Hold; Green Menace boxed set contents

Jake Thornton, writer of both DKH 1 & 2, talking about the games

The Golem painting studio were on hand to give hints and tips

Alessio Cavatore, author of the Warpath and King's of War rules giving a demo

My pitch. Things got busier. Really.

The Mantic crew at the pub after the event  


  1. Were you sneakily plugging other peoples games whilst there? Clever networking ; )

  2. Hi Minitrol. No - I had just loaded up my own website to use as a talking point, and it happens to have the Severed Union logo on the front page. Mantic were very chilled though and I was not banned from any topics...other than the SECRET PLAN FOR WORLD DOMINATION.

  3. Well fairs fair some things have to be under wraps