Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Every Day Carry

I am quite fascinated by the phenomena of Every Day Carry. This phrase is used in two ways; it refers to photographs of those things folk carry around with them every day (typically arranged neatly in one shot) and the emerging ethos that one should carry enough kit to be prepared for what you will encounter without being overburdened.

I find the photographs infinitely fascinating - they are a window into that individual's mentality. You can play a Sherlock Holmes game of trying to deduce as much as you can from the clutch of objects shown. The way these items are shot is also intriguing. Many are plan views of keys, sunglasses, mobile phones and so forth arranged in neat grids on plain surfaces. Others are more akin to product photography with intimate angles with a small depth of field.

Post 9-11 has seen the emergence of a new kind of post-apocalyptic expectation. Pop culture is now filled with after-the-bomb stories where things have gone belly-up and zombies roam the streets. Now everyone is 'carrying for survival' to a greater or lesser extent. We need to be contactable and locatable (GPS phone with map app), have recording equipment (phone-cam or digi-cam and Moleskine notepad) and even self defence kit (knives, Mace spray and guns). Every Day Carry embodies the motto 'be prepared' for the 21st century. It also taps into the Digital Nomad and Living with 100 Things movements. These assert that there little reason for us to stay in one location with today's oppotunities for connectivity or possess so many objects (like books, CDs and DVDs) now that most are digital and can be carried on tiny hard drives.

Below is a snapshot of what I carry on a daily basis. Note I am a keen cyclist so often this lot usually gets thrown into a rather large pannier bag. With this kit I feel ready to take on London (or a horde of shambling zombies).

EDIT - looking again at the EDC site I think this must be a 'guy thing'. The number of photos showing knives and guns is mildly worrying.


  1. I am armed at nearly all times with an umbrella. Have become rather known for this in the last few years. Most of those who laugh have not lived in Cornwall long enough... and generally find themselves sheltering in the doorway of Waterstones or Argos.

    Mostly started with an medium sized brolly carried Highlander style under my long coat but that got mistaken for a shotgun one time while I was in a bank so I switched to an ultraportable that fits in a jacket pocket.

    Shame really as the medium one was one of those automatic release umbrellas in jet black. Always point it and open horizontally. Makes you feel like Batman :D

    I've shared too much.

    Otherwise iPhone, wallet, keys, hankerchief...

  2. This is cool. It's made me realise I lack a good quality torch. I think I want a Swiss army knife too. Did you see the one with the Schnauzer treats? lol

    The amount of guns though is a bit frightening. I would bet that many of the posts containing guns are from somewhere in America. This reminds me a little of Cultivation theory, one of the findings of which asserted that high levels of exposure to television altered one's perception of the world, leading one to believe that it is more dangerous and threatening than it really is. Maybe this could this be the reason why people want to carry firearms around?

    And is that a Darth Vader USB?

  3. Umbrellas are generally awesome. Just watch 'A Bridge Too Far' for confirmation of this!

    Yes, it is indeed a Prequel Saga Darth Vader USB stick. :-)