Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Warpath all over Beasts of War

Those lovely fellows at Beasts of War have done a grand job of of incorporating my Warpath logo into the latest design for their wonderful site.

I am not sure my work has ever had such good exposure. Thanks guys!


  1. The previews on the Mantic product page show a couple of tiles for the Green Horde supplement for Dwarf Kings Hold. Are they your work as well? They look great.

    Now use your influence to re-do the Kings Of War logo - less impressed with that!

    Andrew NZ

  2. Hey Andrew,

    Yes, I did the DKH2 tiles. I didn't realise Mantic had posted the work yet. I am pretty proud of them and can't wait until they get released.

    No, I didn't do the KoW logo, but I do like the typography.

  3. Just the one tile but here's the link in case you missed it:

    Agreed the type face is good but it needs some pizazz! Even the Mantic ink blot as a background I think would improve it. Anyhoo look forward to seeing more stuff seem to be becoming an avid fan ; )


  4. Hey Andrew

    Thanks for the link - I shall re-post on this blog shortly.

    So glad you like my stuff. Lots of goodies in the pipeline!!!