Sunday, 26 June 2011

Opulent logos: some favorites

Following my last post about the rise of the opulent logo, I though I would share some of my favorites. I have picked these because I think they exemplify one or more of a number of important attributes. They might be well-rendered, have great typography or perhaps be very evocative of the world depicted in the products they grace. This list is by no means complete, so please feel free to suggest others.

Amazing colours and a design which evoke the aquatic Art Deco city of Rapture perfectly. The subtle water effects are brilliant too. Watch out for the Bioshock: Infinite logo too.

This logo captures the big, brash treasure-hunting excitement behind the MB/GW crossover title. The chrome effects are great too.

Amazingly playful typography crossed with 'classic' 80s chrome shading. It really evokes the glossy razzmatazz of the IP.

Realm of Chaos
Ian Miller did the artwork for this logo. More illustrative than the others in this selection, it is a marvel of pen-and-ink and captures the anarchic atmosphere of GW's Chaos faction.

Jurassic Park
Though it's not massively ornate, the King Kong-like font to the wonderful T-Rex silhouette used means this logo encapsulates the themes of the movie perfectly. I also love the "double bluff" that this logo is also the logo of the fictional amusement park depicted within the film.
The Dark Crystal
Amazing typography evokes the fantastical world depicted in the film. Here the text logo is seen on one of Froud's astounding pieces of artwork for the movie.
Iron Maiden
Something I should have mentioned in my post was the importance heavy metal band logos played in the development of the opulent logo. They were one of the first commercial ventures to invent more time and money in logotypes,. Arguably this was because their audience was young and visually aware, and because bands wanted to stand out in line-up posters.


  1. Great post, informative.

  2. im sure the ROC logo is not mr miller but mr blanche - the line work is not so elegant - logo's began for me at college in the 60's with the hippy take on art nouveaux which lead into the work of roger dean which in its wake gave birth to the whole rock logo thing and subsequently GW ....

  3. Conan the Barbarian's logo is also great, it has a nice "low fantasy" feel in it with a superb idea. Might fit well in the same category with Thundercats and Dark Crystal logos...