Saturday, 18 June 2011

New work from John Blanche #6

John Blanche is a man whose output never tires. That said, if it did, the sleep that followed would breed many monsters and little reason. He has kindly allowed me to post the new work below.

In contrast to those images which have appeared on this blog recently, this illustration harkens back to his more usual composition. The cadaverous, demoniac female is granted a head-to-foot portrait while a second character, a twisted arboreal monstrosity fills the background. A sickle moon sits in a brooding sky and a thousand skittering horrors rampage across a surface that might be bracken, shells or bone. The lady (for there can be no doubt about her sex) poses for the viewer and, if she had eyes in her skull's sockets, one feels her expression would empowered, confident and a little sullen. She sports a lamb's skin on her back, for she is a covenant of sorts. The piece as a whole, with the mutant tree and skittering things, reminds me of The Ash-tree by M. R. James - a horrific little tale where the tree in question becomes a breeding ground for a colony of truly grotesque hive-creatures.

My advice to anyone who might expect a visit from these denizens of Blanche-dom is: don't sleep with the window open.

The image was offered to the band The Ark of the Covenant as an single cover. Click the John Blanche work tag at the bottom of this post to see other new works from The Master on this blog.


  1. Woah!

    I love this Daemon Lady!

    Just spent an hour, simply admiring this masterpiece!

    Would make beautiful miniature btw;)

  2. Hi okkiW - glad you like! I can stare at these paintings for hours too. The level of detail is incredible.