Sunday, 12 June 2011

Dwarf King's Hold 2 - Tile preview

I have recently completed work on the tiles and tokens for the sequel to Mantic Games' Dwarf King's Hold. The new game is suffixed: Green Menace. Below is a preview of one of my tiles.

Green Menace is a new, stand-alone game for which you do not need a copy of the first DKH. The box features two different races - the orcs and elves so you get two new sets of minis. Mantic were keen to make the second tile-set distinct from the first. Hence the orange glow and tan colours of the first DKH are now replaced with a cooler palette of greens and blues, with water being the theme which runs (sorry!) throughout the set.

Thanks to observant reader Minitrol who has prompted this post.

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  1. Woot! My name in lights (sortof) Now to launch my blog and brand to take advantage of this meteoric rise into the interwebz.

    Also said it before but these are great! I like how the tile edges are integrated as a part of the design and the change of colours and tints is a very nice way of tying it to the new theme.

    Think Mantic's onto another winner here (the Orcs better be in green plastic that's all I can say)