Monday, 16 May 2011

Sylvia Ji - eat your heart out

We amused ourselves a week or two ago with the excellent Holdup Heroines party in London's West End. The theme was masks, and I opted to paint mine on in my death's head style. I have recently discovered the wonderful paintings of Sylvia Ji and departed from the rather bold scheme which I have so far pursued. Instead the makeup's details were light and delicate.

I was pretty pleased with the outcome, but the photo here hides some of its shortcomings.  I found it was extremely difficult to ensure the delicate lines were symmetrical, and the makeup does rather rely on things being very even. I used much less white this time and only patted a little water-based product onto the raised areas of my face. This worked well and I will think again about trying to get a thick, even coat as I have done in the past.

Enjoy the small sample of Sylvia's images below and do check out her other work. Click on the 'death's head makeup' tag below to see my previous attempts.

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