Sunday, 1 May 2011

The King and the Minotaur

An old Victorian warehouse behind London's King's Cross area hosted one of the most magical and engaging art shows I have been to. The King and the Minotaur was a multi-media group show presented through the metaphor of the labyrinth. Taking cues from fairy folklore, the Greek myth and a dash of the Jim Henson movie, guests were invited to explore the space, which was divided by walls of transparent muslin, to discover the works hidden within.

The labyrinth was populated by members of a contemporary dance troupe, dressed as fey creatures who taunted, enticed and teased visitors, one of whom wore the most amazing, conceptual minotaur costume. At the end of the tour, guests could relax in a wonderful gin bar with flasks of the drink suspended from the ceiling and warm straw bales to sit on.

I shall certainly be watching the promoters, Wignall and Moore, for future events.

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