Saturday, 14 May 2011

By the power of Grayskull!!!

The wonderfully named Monster Brains has just uploaded what can only be described as an awesome motherload of vintage Masters of the Universe artwork. It's full colour and high-rez so click here to check it out.

Here are some of my favorites...


  1. I've always loved seeing talented illustrators create epic scenes based on pieces of chunky plastic. This is was how I saw my action figures in my head while I was playing with them, not the simplified "repeat animation" of the cartoons.

    These are great paintings.

  2. Never saw an episode of Masters of the Universe, but I was totally sold when I first saw these action figures, Skeletor and his retinue, in toy section! Might be one of the reasons I ended up digging Fantasy/Sci-Fi.

    My mother went crazy when I bought the skunk warrior and it made the whole house smell "funny" for days.

    These images really bring back memories, so thank you for sharing 'em!