Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Bitmap Brothers

I grew up in the 16bit era and undoubtedly the one of the period's best game developers were the Bitmap Brothers.

Their work stands out in my mind because of the taste and restraint their graphics and marketing showed. The muted, harmonious colour schemes steered away from the brash, garish artwork that typified pop art of the early 90s. Although their breakthough titles Xenon was somewhat lurid, subsequent games like Cadaver, Gods and the famous Speedball 2 were typified by beautiful, sombre tones which helped to set the dystopian mood. The loading screen image for my favorite game, Gods, featured a beautiful render of a Corinthian helmet, and the cover art was by the great Simon Bisley.

The core members of the studio left in 2004, but the IP continues with their most famous title, Speedball. The game was resurrected in 2007 but met with a lukewarm response. An app version was recently released which seems to be faring well.

For those of who you can remember the original; "Ice cream! Ice cream!"


  1. ummmhhh, the old good time...
    That's clear they were the best - still today.

  2. bitmap bros were great the best 2d artists. as was there captivating electro samlple musaak

  3. Amazing times chaos engine speed ball2.