Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Earlier last week I biked down to the uber-cool (some would say "up it's own arse") Shoreditch area of London to see the opening of the MadC exhibition MadABC.

Thanks to my lovely RSS feed I learned that the German graffiti writer was showing a collection of her work. My newly piqued interest interest in the medium meant this was a must and it transpired to be a great evening. Her work is grand in scale, displays an innate understanding of colour and is very playful.

Something which has excited me is that she has painted a wall not far from my office, so I shall endeavour to pop down there and take some snaps to show you all shortly.

In the meantime I leave you with my pictures from the gallery, including a lovely one of the woman herself signing a book for some excited (and unusually young) fans. Oh, before I forget, I was baffled by the beer until I realised it was orange-flavored (or "infused" as the advertisers would have us believe). Weird...but nice!

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