Tuesday, 8 March 2011

New work from John Blanche #5

John Blanche has unleashed another surreal and macabre image for your viewing pleasure.

Entropy is possibly his most unique work to date. It stands apart from the rest of his published portfolio in terms of the composition, which is an unusually close and detailed view of one of his Magna Maters. A dense undergrowth of tubes enables her to host to some infernal machine. This relationship is again tended by a cloud of inferior drones, but here leaves her ecstatic like Bernini's St Theresa. She is a giant female angler fish about which the tiny males swarm.

This work is also unique in the photographic quality of the rendering.  Blanche's more idealised cat-like subjects have here been replaced by a more realistic visage, complete with a cropped Emo haircut.

The illustration is "ratted". This is a term Blanche has borrowed from the custom motor cycle scene, where it is used to describe heavily repaired, unkempt but functional bikes. He has attacked his creation and distressed the surface. The result resembles his dry-brushed mist effects, but is altogether more visceral and tactile.

Bow down before the face of "mental prayer" in the Blanche-ian future-verse!

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  1. the nature of the work not being stable and in a constant state of change is a thing that i find attractive - to produce a work that is old to start off with - a page in an old book, musty and worn - this is a theme i wish to explore - the next will be reverting to an old style of comic book frames and gold leaf framing .... this is the first work which includes an iron in its medium list ......

  2. Love seeing your new work. A wonderful opportunity to see you exploring outside the GW universes.

  3. I really love the effects that have been used in this beauty! The piece is astonishing and unique, as always. Somehow the overall feeling resonates vintage vibes from the early 20th century.

    Please, keep 'em coming!

  4. thx chaps - going back to producing illustrations as opposed to sketch concepts - the GW ones will start appearing in product early summer - im trying to do one a month in mi leisure time but those little toy soldiers keep distracting me ......

  5. John's art is inspirational stuff. Ive based close to 3 army colour schemes off his GW artworks. Great work John!!