Saturday, 29 January 2011

New work: Texas Renegades logo

Below is a newly completed logo for the tabletop wargaming group (or "clan") the Texas Renegades. I was contacted by Royce late last year as he was looking to commission a logo for his group to put on their t-shirts and promo material for forthcoming tournaments. He wanted a really nice logo to make his team stand out from the crowd.

I really enjoyed doing this job because the aesthetics went in an interesting direction, but also becuase Royce is a dream client. He's fast to respond, decisive and clear in his communication and likes my work. Win!

We experimented with the idea of putting a saber and rifle behind the horizontal boards, but eventually dropped the notion because the firearm in particular would have been obscured so much that it was hard for the viewer to "read" what it was. We also had to play around with the "Renegades" text to achieve a balance between it being legible but suitably haphazard.

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  1. Spectacularly awesome as always. Been playing around with logos myself recently. Nothing as sophisticated as yours but it's fun all the same.