Saturday, 13 November 2010

Protein Forum #7: Infographics

When I was a student I spent a lot of time (arguably too much) making films and videos. I was fortunate to go to University College London which had thriving film and television societies who not only screened films but made them too (UCL is the alma mater of Hollywood A-list director Christopher Nolan, who is a former member of the Film Soc.) My interests gradually moved to motion graphics and I would regularly attend the London section of the Onedotzero graphics festival. I have rather lost touch with the festival recently (I think it "skipped" a year or so) but was delighted to see it was returning and... OH MY GOD... it had a talk on infographics which featured the famous David McCandless on the panel.

My excitement turned to horror when I saw the talk was already sold out. I then noticed my friend Andrew Schoben (of the excellent Greyworld) was also speaking and he kindly sorted me out with a guest place - thanks Andrew!

The talk was excellent and showcased new work, investigated the power of visual information displays and posed challenging questions about their place in the media and society. The single most important point which I came away with was David's analysis that in today's Internet age we live in a world of information overload and infographics are a useful tool in relieving this deluge of facts and figures.

I am getting more interested in infographics. I will shortly be uploading a body of infomatics work I have done for the National Health Service. I want to devote more time to broadening my portfolio. Therefore, stay tuned for further updates.

Andrew Schoben of Greyworld showcasing his icecream tasting visualisations.

Below - two of David McCandless' infographics

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