Saturday, 13 November 2010

New work from John Blanche #1

Many readers will know that I have worked with Games Workshop's Art Director John Blanche (who I am assuming needs no introduction). Under his mysterious and macabre auspices I have produced animations, mood boards, websites and even portable tarot machines. I ran John's own website for several years but we agreed to let it Rest In Peace a little while ago simply because we were both extremely busy.

I am very pleased to announce that John has sent through a new batch of images which he has kindly allowed me to unleash upon you. In their style and execution they hark back to his pre-Games Workshop illustrations of the 70s and early 80s. They depict the strange an baroque denizens of some retro-futureverse where plague-ravaged Jacobean sky-pirates gaze thoughtfully at the viewer while their appendages are tended by clouds of mechanized bone-drones. These are truly the mad, bad and dangerous to know of the history of a time to come, and it is only fitting that John keeps these and other portraits bound in huge leather presentation tomes.

John has sent through four images, two of which are below. I'll post the other two in the coming days. Expect more Blanche-ian updates in future too.

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  1. Amazing work from John as always and great to see work of his that's outside the general GW universe.. I particularly love the second one. Bonkers!

  2. I really admire John's work even though I find it a little bit disturbing sometimes ! I have got used to it now over many years following GW products and the old Realm of Chaos books.

    Thanks for sharing,

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  3. Thanks for your kind comments guys - glad you like the post!