Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hallowe'en pt4: The Palacio de los Muertos Halloween Spectacular

Although Hackney has a bad reputation, I must admit I have never had many problems in the five years I have lived here. Sunday night was no exception. Except that I looked like some kind of grinning cadaverous Stormtrooper, which seemed to keep folk at bay more than usual.

The finale to the Hallowe'en weekend saw us troop off to the Mexican Day of the Dead themed party The Palacio de los Muertos. Facepaint was in abundance and my pal Miss Miranda made her hair look ghoulish with the addition of a tiny, real bird skull. We encountered a bizarrely dressed young couple on the train there. "You look really weird!" I said, and realised my death-and-sallet helm might have something to do with their terrified looks.

Luna Rosa performed, I bumped into many friends (including the wonderful Benjamin Louche and Rose Thorn, who run the Twin Peaks themed Double R Club) and the night proved a fitting end to a raucous Hallowe'en weekend.

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