Friday, 5 November 2010

Hallowe'en pt3: The House of Fairytales at One New Change

"It looks really weird!" exclaimed my friend Dr Hooper
"Apparently it's stealth architecture," I replied.
"Really...? It just looks dated to me"

So our conversation ran as we gazed up at the new shopping centre in front of St Paul's Cathedral. One New Change (website here) was hosting The House of Fairytales as part of its opening ceremonies and we were there to bring a nightmarish Kafka-esque dystopia to entertain the children.

Yes, you read that correctly. That was also my reaction. The premise of our act was to create the chaotic bureaucracy of Brazil to a Hallowe'en event where we trained new ghosts (the children) to haunt the new shopping centre. I was apprehensive when I learned the theme but my fears were unfounded. The children seemed to love all the forms, stamps, badges and dockets they had to collect and dragged their bemused parent from pillar to post in search of ever more.

Our "office" was was a sight to behold as the penultimate photo below shows. Ticker tape covered the floor, children waited in queues and smoke filled the room while phones rang unanswered and the staccato of typewriters beat against the ears. Children were given activities to train them how to haunt like making wet footsteps to scare passers-by.

I ran a guessing-game act and will blog more about it soon, but I'll leave you with some snaps from the afternoon. Oh, I'm sorry, your form isn't countersigned in triplicate. You'll have to wait over there...

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