Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Hallowe'en pt2: The Belle Epoque and White Mischief

My bathroom is tiny as it is, but when one adds a photographic lighting stand into the mix it becomes impossibly small. Now, this isn't going where you think it might, but, in fact, towards my dip-dying experiments for Hallowe'en. I had seen a dress the colour of which ran from white to red on the recent White Mischief photoshoot (post here) and the designer kindly told me it was the result of a dip dying technique. One wets the fabric, dips a bit into dye and then hangs it to let the dye run out. Hence the stand. And the name.

The results are in the the first image below. You can also see the eyeball-buttons I fashioned of which I am rather proud. So, me and my eyeballs and dress trotted off with three friends on Saturday night to join the other macabre revellers at the Belle Epoque party and White Mischief. Throughout the night we saw trapeze artists, comedy Little Shop of Horrors puppets and, best of all, the wonderful Kink Ink. The latter is a burlesque life drawing club act where...well, the photo below says it all really.

It was great to see the effort made by my fellow party-goers and retro and Steampunk influences abounded. One of the best costumes I saw was a cat-woman plague doctor getup. Genius.

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