Monday, 1 November 2010

Hallowe'en pt1: The Book of the Dead at the British Museum

The staff at the British Museum seem to have undergone a new training regime, part of which involves waiving in an indeterminate direction and grunting when asked where something is. Thus my arrival at the museum's reenactment of the Opening of the Mouth ceremony was somewhat fraught. No one seemed to mind when I crashed into the auditorium in a harried state though. Mainly because the audience was predominantly small children who were busy sucking their thumbs.

So, the kids and I sat and watched an endearing little lecture/performance piece which celebrates the opening of the museum's major new exhibition on the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. The narrator was brilliant. I got to read a spell which protects my body from decaying (win!). An actress played an Egyptian princess. Masks were involved. It was basically awesome.

The performance marked the start of my packed Hallowe'en weekend which I shall reveal over the course of forthcoming posts. In the meantime I will leave you with some snaps from the museum. In the penultimate one you can see the narrator grunting and pointing in an indeterminate direction. While wearing an Anubis mask.

You can find out all about the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead exhibition here.

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