Saturday, 9 October 2010

Warhammer template set

I have mentioned before how I think we are seeing a new Renaissance at Games Workshop. The products they are putting out, mainly as a result of the advances they have made in injection moulding and CAD engineering, are once again raising the bar of quality in the wargames industry. For me, the new Warhammer templates typify this streak of genius.

I bought a set of these the other day simply because I adore them. I love the way they are at once functional markers, works of art and fractals of the Warhammer world. They are also exactly the sort of thing that someone in the middle ages would have used when playing a tabletop wargame. It is this concept of game pieces as real-world works of art (and not realistic depictions of the fictional world they are set in) which I am becoming more interested in of late. I have a few projects up my sleeve which articulate the idea.

The only down-side to them is they are very much single sided - the backs are flat, which comes as a slight surprise when one encounters them for the first time. I am sure this was done for cost reasons, so I won't grumble as I enjoyed the low price-point.

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