Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Life Aquatic

Last weekend I went to visit my friend Molly on her house boat, which is moored in the Springfield region of North East London. Houseboats provide a viable, alternative lifestyle for those in the capital not wanting to engage in the hideously over-inflated property market. Her boat and its environs are, in many ways, idyllic. The lifestyle is strangely rural and, with her vessel's all-wooden interior, reminiscent of traditional gypsy living.

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "Your boat's pretty big."
"Yeh, but we may need to get a bigger one if we have a baby." she replied.
"You're going to have a baby? Cool! You could have a home birth!"
"Where would I put the birthing pool?"
"Tush! You don't need a pool. You can just go outside" I said, pointing at the thick, brackish water in the dock.
"Hmmmmm. Weil's Disease may be a problem."
"You worry too much."

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