Saturday, 25 September 2010

Louise Boyland upholstery

Below are some shots I did for my neighbour and friend Louise. She is starting a career as an upholsterer and needed some promo shots of some of her best pieces.

As a start-up business Louise is keen to give her company an "edge". Thus she is hyping-up the fashionable East London origins of her work. We decided against a studio shoot and instead took her chairs into the depths of Bethnal Green to snap them on the streets. Luckily we live but a stone's throw from the bustling Columbia Road flower market and an enormous Banksy mural.

I chose to use natural light for these pictures, with a large reflector just out of shot to reduce the shadows. The top image used a grad to darken the sky so I did not loose the details. I was really pleased with the way the Banksy mural's colours match those of the chair's fabric, the the way the figure appears to be sitting on the chair.

Louise is currently setting up her website.

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